Sunday, April 24, 2011



today my mom outing
my dad plk outstation to kulim
so i have to take care 2 of my little+bigger brother

as a good sister[cewwah]
i fry chicken for my brother
act my mom have cooked 'nenas pajeri berlauk ikan' be4 she leave
but we'r not interested at that 'nutrient lauk'
that's why i choose chicken as a good sensation [lol]
since all of us love chicken so much..

when i was slaughter the chicken for the 2nd time,
i'v 'cut' my finger involuntary
oh my self!
seriau aku!!
the blood sprinkle like a fire work!![hiperbola]
act it just a minor injury,nothing serious..[sigh]
even so,i feel like wanna faint for a minute come i wanna be a nurse?
forget it!just be a teacher,hidayah!

so,hurriedly i put aloevera to my cut fingger
how poor u 'sweet fingger'
then,i take a second break first
.......ok!i'm feeling better now.......
continue with my cooking
my chicken fry can be eat now
oh ya,my little brother told me to
fry the nudget too
tamak sungguh
ok2,i do as he told
how nice me as a sister..;)

we enjoy our lauch then..

look at my cut fingger,
fuhh,,much better now
it totally not serious at all..
i'm just act like a jakun person
since i'm not really 'injured' myself at all times
please dont try this at home!

moral: concentrate on wut u are work at,dont dreaming around!yeah.

*liverpool mng besar smlm,but still cannot be a champion for premier leaguage.
  it's ok, u guys have do ur best!

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  1. aish2 apa la mek nih.. mesti berangan jumpa joncena..haha betul ke aku eja?


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