Monday, April 18, 2011



let me story bout my 1st  interview experience
the location is at IPG Kampus Perempuan Melayu,Melaka
so my interview time suppose to be at 11.00 set
but i'm arrive a bit early around 9
wah,excited x?
no lah,it just cause i wanna avoid the 'late cases'
but i'm not alone at tat time
i got a friend with me
her name is atikah
she live at melaka
n she got the same spm result just like me

there'r 3 stage 4 the interview
1st is INSAK exam [objective ques]
2nd group interview
3rd individual interview

i'm in the second group
the group where are in 11.00
we start our INSAK exam around 11.00
we have to complete up 135 ques in 30 minute
n i did it.nsb baik
for those who cannot complete it
they have to hantam the other ques lah
just choose whther A or B
sound easy but a little bit confuse

after that we move to 2nd stage
that is group interview
in my group there are 7 member
they are
 me[1st person],
atikah again[lol],
and our only mr is
winson [chinese boy but so sporting]

the  tittle for our conversation is bout
co-curiculum activities and the benefit that we get
Juseha who the 1st person that start the conversation
thanks to juseha cause make me become more confident to talk
i'm so impress to fathehah n winson
they speaking very fluently
and i pon x nak kalah..haha
even i'm look pathetic mybe
n i'm realize my english is completely chaos
but at least i'm try to be the

after finish the 2nd stage
we go for next stage
3rd stage-individual interview
i'm the 1st person!!
the bell ring...
and my name is called in
there r two people who will interview me
but only one person who will ask me'[chinese maam]
first ques she ask bout my family
then my knowledge
so i tell bout the fact that only the fewest people know about
it's about the high of klcc
the sound of TREX[dinosour] in jussica park[dinosour movie]
i told her the sound of trex is combination of sound
from tiger,crocodile,lion and baby elephant.
i told her so bout my hobby
blogging,fb,n i love to read an article[]
and she also ask me wut crateria that i have to be a teacher
first i say that i'm a talkative
then i can make peole enjoy my lessons.
n so on..i forgot already
about the current isssue is her next question
i do tell bout PPSMI[the hottest issues in education]
the fake egg[oh mai god..i just merapu rapek.i just smile n laugh]
the last ques is
'whther i dont mind if i have to transfer to other place that far from family'
then i just said
'yes!n i think this is big opportunity for me'
n so on...i'm just grambling as many as i

so i finish all mt interview
we are fell so relieve
especially fatehah who are look very excited
she said 'it fell like thre'r butterfly in my heart'.lol
i know how u feel fatehah.:)

i'm ready to go home around 1.30
my parent are aready waiting me
we have our luch at warung pak enal
then..assalamualaikum..i reach my home finally
so tired n i got some sleep then.....

#thanks eka+suha who always support me!luv u.and to all my friend also.chaiyok guys!!!

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