Sunday, April 24, 2011



today my mom outing
my dad plk outstation to kulim
so i have to take care 2 of my little+bigger brother

as a good sister[cewwah]
i fry chicken for my brother
act my mom have cooked 'nenas pajeri berlauk ikan' be4 she leave
but we'r not interested at that 'nutrient lauk'
that's why i choose chicken as a good sensation [lol]
since all of us love chicken so much..

when i was slaughter the chicken for the 2nd time,
i'v 'cut' my finger involuntary
oh my self!
seriau aku!!
the blood sprinkle like a fire work!![hiperbola]
act it just a minor injury,nothing serious..[sigh]
even so,i feel like wanna faint for a minute come i wanna be a nurse?
forget it!just be a teacher,hidayah!

so,hurriedly i put aloevera to my cut fingger
how poor u 'sweet fingger'
then,i take a second break first
.......ok!i'm feeling better now.......
continue with my cooking
my chicken fry can be eat now
oh ya,my little brother told me to
fry the nudget too
tamak sungguh
ok2,i do as he told
how nice me as a sister..;)

we enjoy our lauch then..

look at my cut fingger,
fuhh,,much better now
it totally not serious at all..
i'm just act like a jakun person
since i'm not really 'injured' myself at all times
please dont try this at home!

moral: concentrate on wut u are work at,dont dreaming around!yeah.

*liverpool mng besar smlm,but still cannot be a champion for premier leaguage.
  it's ok, u guys have do ur best!

Monday, April 18, 2011



let me story bout my 1st  interview experience
the location is at IPG Kampus Perempuan Melayu,Melaka
so my interview time suppose to be at 11.00 set
but i'm arrive a bit early around 9
wah,excited x?
no lah,it just cause i wanna avoid the 'late cases'
but i'm not alone at tat time
i got a friend with me
her name is atikah
she live at melaka
n she got the same spm result just like me

there'r 3 stage 4 the interview
1st is INSAK exam [objective ques]
2nd group interview
3rd individual interview

i'm in the second group
the group where are in 11.00
we start our INSAK exam around 11.00
we have to complete up 135 ques in 30 minute
n i did it.nsb baik
for those who cannot complete it
they have to hantam the other ques lah
just choose whther A or B
sound easy but a little bit confuse

after that we move to 2nd stage
that is group interview
in my group there are 7 member
they are
 me[1st person],
atikah again[lol],
and our only mr is
winson [chinese boy but so sporting]

the  tittle for our conversation is bout
co-curiculum activities and the benefit that we get
Juseha who the 1st person that start the conversation
thanks to juseha cause make me become more confident to talk
i'm so impress to fathehah n winson
they speaking very fluently
and i pon x nak kalah..haha
even i'm look pathetic mybe
n i'm realize my english is completely chaos
but at least i'm try to be the

after finish the 2nd stage
we go for next stage
3rd stage-individual interview
i'm the 1st person!!
the bell ring...
and my name is called in
there r two people who will interview me
but only one person who will ask me'[chinese maam]
first ques she ask bout my family
then my knowledge
so i tell bout the fact that only the fewest people know about
it's about the high of klcc
the sound of TREX[dinosour] in jussica park[dinosour movie]
i told her the sound of trex is combination of sound
from tiger,crocodile,lion and baby elephant.
i told her so bout my hobby
blogging,fb,n i love to read an article[]
and she also ask me wut crateria that i have to be a teacher
first i say that i'm a talkative
then i can make peole enjoy my lessons.
n so on..i forgot already
about the current isssue is her next question
i do tell bout PPSMI[the hottest issues in education]
the fake egg[oh mai god..i just merapu rapek.i just smile n laugh]
the last ques is
'whther i dont mind if i have to transfer to other place that far from family'
then i just said
'yes!n i think this is big opportunity for me'
n so on...i'm just grambling as many as i

so i finish all mt interview
we are fell so relieve
especially fatehah who are look very excited
she said 'it fell like thre'r butterfly in my heart'.lol
i know how u feel fatehah.:)

i'm ready to go home around 1.30
my parent are aready waiting me
we have our luch at warung pak enal
then..assalamualaikum..i reach my home finally
so tired n i got some sleep then.....

#thanks eka+suha who always support me!luv u.and to all my friend also.chaiyok guys!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy friend together;)


most exciting moment today IS...
me+eka+suha+didi were together2 enjoy our day
we do enjoy our day like we r soar in the sky..[big]
so here is some of our moment..

so here we are present ourself as a buddy

it's between me and eka

they r suha and didi!

memorable moment
location:pizza hut,muar

our EXPENSIVE meal.yes!we do enjoy it

hawaian tuna.[yekw?LOL]

jemput makan eka.:)

wah!?licin pinggn kau.haha

shopping time;)

cweh,msg abng syng ka?:)

location:in front of mirror
oh?wut we'r looking at?
suha hp broken down
because there'r too much
pic of
i told u suha.
kidding around saja lah.;)

wut's wrong with both of em[suha+didi]

time for us to seperate[go home lah]
it 5.00 already
bye!jumpa lagi...wuuu

*kpd mereka2 yg x dpt join tuh pls dont get
jalous keyh.eps yg sdh diajak.:0


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

langit x selalunye cerah dan mendung


act aku rse berat hari nk post kali ni
tp kalau dibiarkan lelama
nnti bersawang pulok blog aku ni

#ap khabar aku?
=rse mcm nk selesama+demam

#mood aku hari ni?
=down se down-down nyer.i'm not really happy

#punca aku jd mcm ni?
=i didnt get the tesl interview instead i get maktab interview.
  even i dont want to but i have to.

#ap aku rse sekarang?
=pathetic.but a little bit calm than be4 after maktab news.
  i should say alhamdulillah no matter wut.there still a chance for me.

#wut my next plan?
=prepare for maktab interview.dgr kata ssh.but i must fight for this.
  i hate to be's too much.

#harapan aku?
=i hope i will pass the interview dgn succeed nyer.
  enoughlah kecundng sekali.not 4 the twice.

berikut adalah kenyataan maktab...

                                               TAHNIAH !
                          Anda layak untuk menghadiri Temuduga
                                Program Kursus Perguruan Lepas
                         Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Ambilan Jun 2011.

                         Berikut adalah maklumat temuduga tersebut.
i/c           :930317...


                                       SEBAGAI BAHASA KEDUA         
                                       PENDIDIKAN RENDAH (SJKC)
                                       [sekolah cina ke??pelik.bila plk aku mhon progrm ni?]

Pusat Temuduga : M01C



            75400 MELAKA MELAKA

Tarikh : 18 - 04 - 2011

Masa : 11.00 PAGI

ini pula kenyatan 'hampa' uitm untk aku:

i/c no:930317.....

Harap Maaf,
Anda tidak terpilih untuk dipanggil ke temu duga.

Permohonan anda akan diproses untuk
Program Tidak Bertemu Duga berdasarkan pilihan 1 sehingga 8.

Keputusan adalah muktamad !

enough is enough.

*untk smue kwn2 aku yg tercinta,aku sentiasa doakan kejayaan anda semua.
  i hope all of us will succeed se succeed-succeed nyer.insyaAllah.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

i've been waiting!!!!


~~ohhh upu ku syng....ble lah kau nk kuarkan result ni...~~
~~berapa lama lagi harusku menunggu~~
~~kalau lamaa lg i think i gonna be the perfect maniac~~

people might say 'ala lex r.result spm kan dh kuar.tunggu jelah rezeki kau dtng'
yelah TAU!!
tp buat penganggur mcm aku ni,oppss bkn penganggur lg
tp!!tukang,kerja aku mengurut mak aku almost everyday
without any payment.nampak??ikhlas kan aku?
mane tahan wei..

almost everyday.ok silap.EVERYDAY
aku on9 fb,blog jenguk upu
konon nk tgk perkembngn bru
psl pnggilan temuduga ke ap ke
but still no good news

situasi 'meroyan' aku makin menjadi hari demi hari
risau lah kan
tkt2 x dpt temuduga kan
haish i can turn completely maniac kowt![jerit ala2 gorilla]

tahun 2011 ni lah thn yg plng boring
masa pn pantas berlalu  mcm angin...wuuu
hari2 duk tenung comp ni smpai terbakag
penat tau tunggu.
dok saja pn penat kalau kerjanya menunggu
dulu aku dok complain study ni penat
tp kalau x study lg penat kowt!
time ni lah bru aku nk rajin2
buat mathlah konon2.
semua homework adik2 aku,aku yg setllekan
cewwah!dulu homework aku x buat pn.baguih kan?
time ni lah jgk aku rajin2 bkk kamus bagai
improve speaking lah konon
dulu kt skolah x nak plk speaking ngn kenkwn
skunk hambik kau
speakinglh sensorang.[how pity am i:((]

dah lah penat ngomel
new 'ngomel' will coming soon if there'r any good news;)

*to my friends--->korang nnti be4 u guys futher ur study lets gather together2 nAK?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

credit to eka:)


thank to eka 4 everything
so this is our moment together
[kali ni mls nk cerita byk.tgk gmbr je lah yer.:]

                                       yaya ini time birthday aku 17/03/2011.
                                         dia sorang kowt  mmber aku
                                            yg celebrate birthday aku.
                                         huhu,terharu.thanks bebanyak!
solemnization from me.haha

                                            kalau tiada lahirnya ayam
                                            ,masakan lahirnya KFC.haha

habis sudah ayamnya.eka lapar...haha

ok,ni plk time april fool.1/04/2011
we'r not celebrate the 'festival' tu pun ok.
dont misunderstand
just walking around je
waa..dlm kedai buku pn sempat lg ap.haha

like usual,,,,makan!!!
eka-nasi goreng kampung+tea'o limau
me-nasi goreng tomyam+coklatechino n pearl

aku lah the solemnize nyer..haha


                                                last for all my friend-may all of u success!!