Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy friend together;)


most exciting moment today IS...
me+eka+suha+didi were together2 enjoy our day
we do enjoy our day like we r soar in the sky..[big]
so here is some of our moment..

so here we are present ourself as a buddy

it's between me and eka

they r suha and didi!

memorable moment
location:pizza hut,muar

our EXPENSIVE meal.yes!we do enjoy it

hawaian tuna.[yekw?LOL]

jemput makan eka.:)

wah!?licin pinggn kau.haha

shopping time;)

cweh,msg abng syng ka?:)

location:in front of mirror
oh?wut we'r looking at?
suha hp broken down
because there'r too much
pic of
i told u suha.
kidding around saja lah.;)

wut's wrong with both of em[suha+didi]

time for us to seperate[go home lah]
it 5.00 already
bye!jumpa lagi...wuuu

*kpd mereka2 yg x dpt join tuh pls dont get
jalous keyh.eps yg sdh diajak.:0


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