Sunday, June 26, 2011

my new life at IPTHO


hello guys!i mish blogging very much
lme giler kowt aku x de citer
sorry damn much.i'm buzy this month
first month i have to get ready 4 my ipg preparation
and NOW!!here we are...IPTHO'
yes,IPTHO now is my second house
i'm now in PPISMP program
as a teacher trainee..(x sangka aku nk jd

so my major subject is TESL SJKC
yea even i'm not meant to be as a student in UiTM as a Teslian,
but at least i can be Teslian in IPTHO'
ok apa kan?

first week of course we have our orentiation week'
start from monday,our frustating day beginning
seriously faci sister+brother (JPP)very 'cengei'..urgh
at tuesday the jpp got agry with us
for me the most scary day is tuesday lah kan
Abang Shahrul our seniour very serious n fierce at that time
abang,wut happen to u at that time is not my fault ok..hehe
(i know u'r the most kind brother at iptho,abng syafeeq said that to me^-^)
4 the whole day,my life completely hectic
i even have no time to wash my self
but now everyday i wangi tau.hehe

ok enough 4 that
urm,wednesday we have malam persembahan
my group is monyet+harimau
our group task is singing base on 80-an
i be the dancer (cam haram je.sumpah x nak menari lg!haha)
fathehah also with me.but she's good in dancing.
some of us called her kaki
ok ap tehah.:)
overall the audience do onjoy our performance lah
and most important is jpp said our performance is satisfy
fuhh..i'm so i can breath at least.^-^

thursday is 'hari penutup' 4 our orentiation day
ok.happy giler!lalala
the day of that day finally come'..hehe
honestly i really enjoy 4 the whole week even i'm really tired
best giler kan.kan.kan.

so abang2+kakak2 tq so much 4 take care of us
u guys memang TERBAIK!

our YDP,abang faiz damanhuri u'r the best leader ever
abang afiq haziq,ok u'r the gentle man bro.(yekw??haha)
kak najwa,kak amira,kak atikah omar u'r so sweet sister
kak syazwani,dont forget to eat my kit-kat tau.sedapp..^-^
kak sabrina,kak dayang,kak azleen i luv u kak!

thanks also to our camera man brother ,mr david degil
*even there's no pic of mine,sob3...*
i luv ur character ^-^
abang reinly beraun thanks 4 making the great video
luv it.*but if there r my pic in the video,lg luv,luv,luv..^-^*

owh yeah,abang tan chee cung..
i like u lah..u'r face like kim kim bum
pergh comeiii lah..
abang lau ji yong,alahai baiknyer..handsome lg
also abang tan wei keat,superb serious.hehe

owh yeah,abang hamka+kak sharlini
thanks 4 care of our health
semua sihat2 belaka.^-^

                                           pendek kata THANKS A LOT TO OUR JPP'
                        U GUYS MEMANG TERBAIKK..KAWWTIMP!

*mne2 nme yg x ditulis sorry..^-^*
*x sabar nk start study esk*

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  1. dayah..terbaikk uh kw!!
    dpt gak jdik ckgu kw..
    aq xtw ctew kw dpt,mizza yg gtaw aq aritu..
    dpt kwn bru,jgn lpew kwn lmew..
    dak2 5e ttp di ingtn..


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