Sunday, March 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum kalian..

cewwah bru first time kowt bg salam sblm post entry.nampak?
satu revolusi bru nmpknyer.haha.forget it
after spm result dh kuar smue orng bz kemaskini maklumat upu
sme mcm aku tp ak blm kemaskini lg
aku x sure nk amk course ap

hey,im interested in TESL but my english is not good.
i can write but when i talk,my english is completely chaos.
sometimes i can speak very well but mostly i have difficulties to speak fluently.
so,is there still a chance to apply for TESL?

wargh.. i'm scared if i apply for the wrong course,
but i'm started to be a English freak since secondary school.
because my grammar still poor, i don't think i can study at this course as well.
i'm lack in communication skills too. i'm only good in writing and reading.
so, can i apply for TESL? do you have any suggestions?
[if u guys have any suggestion,just do tell me okeyh?:)]ASAP!!

iN de other hand my mom plk suggest suh mohon SPA je
amk jururawat[wut i hate the most]
ok fine aku mohon jgk

1-latihan penolong pegawai farmasi
2-latihan jururawat
3-latihan jururawat pergigian

whether dpt or not it up to my rezekilah kan.hehe

n 1 more,my dad
dw nk sgt aku amk cikgu
so mmng elok sgt lah kan aku amk TESL
tp kalau x dpt dw suh amk amk maktab [almost hate]
tp yg pasti aku nk msk U!!NK JGK!

about matrix plk
it kind popular around sains student right?
aku pn mmng kire wajibul lah memohonnyer
tp kalau boleh aku x nak matrix
i have to struggle 100%
n i'm not kinda person who love to study enough
i prefer study in happily without any stressfully..:)haha
then bru lah result nyer very colourly kan?kan?kan?yeah.:)

owh yeah,my dad said
if i get futher my study in any university,
he will present sumink to me


wah.COOL n A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
.nak3.....aku kne msk u jgk nih!hehe

so guys do pray for my success keyh!

*to all my friend,semoga berjaya!n dont ever dare to forget me!;)

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